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Digital Inbox outsourcing

With the majority takeover of Klara Business AG by Swiss Post, a new communication services ecosystem is created and access to digital postal services is simplified even further. To this end, the Digital Inbox is incorporated into Klara Business AG. For you, the customer, this changes absolutely nothing.

FAQ on the integration of the “Digital Inbox” E-Post services into Klara Business Ltd


With the “Digital Inbox”, we scan your mail and send it to you in PDF form for ongoing processing. This means you can transfer a digitized invoice or contract, for example, to your ERP system or accounting software and start an (automated) workflow.

The physical and digital documents are destroyed after 30 days.

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Range of services

  • Letter mail is automatically redirected to the Swiss Post scanning center
  • Letter mail is scanned for next-day delivery
  • The digitized letter mail is provided as searchable PDF documents
  • The digital inbox can be accessed from anywhere
  • The scanned letters can still be delivered physically if preferred
  • The physical letters are destroyed in a legally-compliant manner

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Access to your mail anytime and anywhere?

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